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Day 1: Off Like a House on Fire


                                                                              Canada’s Open Team

(From L to R) Nicholas Gartaganis (NPC), Darren Wolpert, Leslie Amoils, Vincent Demuy, Dan Korbel, Nicolas L’Ecuyer and Daniel Miles

Get a load of those comfy jackets courtesy of Master Point Press!

Canada started the day like a house on fire, spanking Scotland 24-6. We continued with a hard-fought 16-14 win over Singapore (our lead was seriously downsized when the finesse was on in a 50-50 slam bid against us). Then somebody decided to call the fire department. In the final match of the day, Sweden was on top of its game and we didn’t do enough good stuff to catch up. That left us with a near mirror image result … a 7-23 loss to close the day.

We’re in the hunt. Tomorrow, Slovakia, South Africa (the current Group C leaders) and Trinidad-Tobago are up. For now, it is time to rejuvenate.

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